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Are You Receiving the Maximum Allowable Tax Relief for Your Medical and Dental Costs?


Holden Financials Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) provides incorporated businesses and limited companies with an alternative to traditional group health and dental plans.


By setting up your own PHSP you could be writing-off 100% of your medical and dental costs.  The benefit is tax-free to employees and a 100% write-off for your company.


The best part of this program, NO PREMIUMS and NO ANNUAL FEES!


Our fees are charged when you make a claim.  We have a 10% administration fee that is added to each claim.  Therefore, if you don't make a claim, the program doesn't cost anything.


There are three parts to every claims process:

  1. Pay for your medical costs with your personal, after-tax dollars.
  2. Submit the receipts to your company.  Your company will send Holden Financial a claim form and a company cheque for the amount of the receipts plus the administration fee.
  3. Holden Financial will send a cheque for 100% of the qualifying medical costs to you (or your employee).


Contact us today and stop letting your hard-earned money go down the drain.

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